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New Site, New Projects, New Distribution Method

Hello everyone, this is FlyingMongoose, while we were loving utilizing XenForo before, we realized that we are not operating a community, we are operating a business.

So now our web site is utilizing a different platform and we will be using this as our payment gateway for the software in which we will provide for you guys!

Along with this change we’re announcing 2 upcoming products!

Product #1 is a piece of software meant to be used for companies who often have to fill out or change the same section of documents, but not really change the overall document itself: DocuForms

Product #2 is a simple 2D top down tank shooter we’re calling Tanxz, it is single player and story driven. You’ll see a number of enemies and we hope you like our first simple foray into simple game design.

We have no set release dates on these products/projects, but don’t worry we’ll post about them when we do!

I will say this, we at Tuned Chaos will aim to always make all of our products as multiplatform as possible. That means if we’re doing a mobile application, it might just work on Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. If we’re doing a game, plan to be able to play it on Linux, Windows, or OSX. The same goes for our general use applications.